5 “Natural” tips For Glowing Skin

This is a guest post by Deepti Singh (M.Sc. Food Biology And Toxicology), Thanks Deepti !!

The old axiom “beauty starts from within” is true and no makeup can ever surpass it.  Super foods are in real sense our super heroes. These foods have incredible properties and one of them is that they are good for having glowing skin naturally. Every person treasured assets like skin and hair and wants his/her dose of nutrients that can keep them glowing and healthy. Free radicals weaken our skin immunity and different metabolic processes which cause different skin problems.  The nutrients present in super foods help your skin to rejuvenate and thus helping it glow externally. Many of us think that we can look good by applying various cosmetics which is true up to some extent; But if your skin is unhealthy, the cosmetics will not be able to conceal it. So it’s very important to include these super foods to help keep your skin healthy and glowing:

Spinach 1200 800

  1. Spinach- The food that our famous cartoon character Popeye gulped down his throat most of the time. Well was he aware of its benefits is not known to us but yes for sure it’s good for your skin. Spinach is loaded with vitamins like vitamin A, B, C, E, K and some important minerals. It is effective in clearing acne and thus maintaining healthy skin. Vitamin B present in spinach protects our skin from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun which in turn may cause premature ageing and also skin cancer. It also has ample of antioxidants that destroy free radicals which causes early ageing. Vitamin K removes dark circles and skin pigmentation thus rendering radiant skin. Vitamin A improves the skin tone while skin repair is done by Vitamin C. So now you know what Popeye might not have known😊!!!

Oranges 1200 800

  1. Oranges- It is considered as super food because of its higher content of Vitamin C that helps in skin and ligament repair and thus slows down the process of wrinkle formation. Orange keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized thus making it flawless and naturally radiant and young as the one we see featuring in television commercials. It also has antibacterial properties which prevents acne. It’s a phenomenal fruit for lightning skin complexion. Acidic compounds present in oranges exfoliate the dead skin and regenerates new skin. After knowing these health benefits of oranges, you should consider some orange slices in your fruit salad. You may also have fresh orange juice, but it should be consumed as soon as possible for maximum benefit. Now that was some juicy information for you all, isn’t it?

Almonds 1200 800

  1. Almonds- These are your friend if you want to boost your day. Almonds rejuvenate skin and remove fine lines and wrinkles thus acting as a natural Botox. Vitamin E present in almonds acts as an anti-ageing compound and helps in skin tightening. They have properties to treat skin problems such as acne, pimples, scar lines etc. Vitamin E nourishes our skin and prevents it from sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Oil present in almonds makes your skin soft and supple. Tone and texture of the skin is maintained by eating almonds as it generates new cells. Rashes, chapped skin, irritation and itching can be cured by intake of almonds.  So go and grab some almonds for radiant skin.

Blueberries 1200 800

  1. Blueberries– These are bestowed with the title of super foods because these are highly rich in antioxidants or free radical scavengers. They are also called ‘little blue dynamos’. They make our skin youthful looking and dullness of skin will be a forgotten thing. They are also packed with vitamins A, C and E which have amazing effects on your skin. Vitamin C brightens your dull skin. The collagen present in our skin is responsible for its suppleness and tightness. Nutrients present in blueberries promote growth of these collagen fibers thus removing fine lines and wrinkles. Blueberries have salicylic acid that can remove dead skin, open the clogged pores and is an important ingredient in anti-acne products. So, let’s pop up some of them or make smoothies with yogurt before it’s too late on part of our skin.

Yoghurt 1200 800

  1. Yogurt– Who doesn’t like yogurt? That too when it is available in different flavors!!! Yogurt is loaded with lactic acid which helps remove dark spots thus acting as bleaching agents and they also have antibacterial properties which kill some bacteria that cause acnes. Lactic acid present in yogurt dissolves dead skin and tighten pores. Tightened pores prevent excess oil from leaking out and thus preventing worst nightmare acnes from popping out. For getting its maximum benefits take a bowlful of yogurt and top it up with fresh fruits or chopped nuts. You can consume it traditionally in form of buttermilk.

Increasing lifestyle stress and pollution is causing a variety of skin problems and these skin problems may be cured naturally by having these super foods. Scientists claim that the newest source of high protein super foods may be insects like bugs, crickets, grasshoppers and ants so before these creepy things get in our diet chart you should try out these super foods which are delicious and nutritious. The secret to flawless radiant skin doesn’t lie in your makeup kit but yes it does in your food.  Perfect skin comes from intake of perfect diet and the above mentioned super foods may do some miracles to your skin, glowing you look like a super star.

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