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Lifestyle caused Obesity- a serious threat

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Lifestyle caused Obesity An old proverb says- “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. If we modify it considering today’s scenario, we can say- “All work and no play makes Jack an obese boy”. Imagine how difficult life it would be…

Perfect skin : 5 Natural Tips

How to get perfect skin

Perfect skin We always have curiosity to know how to get perfect impressive skin and glow the skin naturally. The old axiom “beauty starts from within” is true and no makeup can ever surpass it. When you have perfect skin, you look impressive naturally….

Brain boosting foods -10 foods to boost brain power

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Brain boosting foods – 10 foods to boost your brain power Health problems pose a risk in our life and it could happen at any stage of life. The main cause of early life diseases are the way we live our life these days;…